Designing the Future: Cattani’s Expansion Plans Explored

Designing the Future: Cattani's Expansion Plans Explored

Blueprints for Growth: Joe Serratore, Operations Manager, and Silvano Ferraro, Technical Specialist, review the plans for the new facility.

In the evolution of Cattani Australasia, meticulous planning and design form the cornerstone of our expansion into 1 Sheppard Street. This article delves into the crucial phase that sets the stage for our new warehouse facility, inclusive of additional office spaces and in-house training areas, designed to support and enhance our operations and services.


The process of transferring racking and redesigning our current warehouse layout for optimal pick path efficiency is already underway. Selected existing racking is being relocated to our new premises by our dedicated installers, all in preparation to accommodate our forthcoming shipments from Italy. This strategic move is instrumental in optimising our logistics and ensuring that we continue to deliver with the reliability that our customers have come to expect from Cattani.

Warehouse shelving is now undergoing installation and primed for stocking.

At Cattani, we believe that the foundation of our expansion is not just in the physical structures we build but in the meticulous planning and design that precede them. As we lay down the blueprints for our future, we remain committed to fostering innovation, ensuring efficiency, and, most importantly, enhancing the services we provide to the dental community.


Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to explore the layers of our expansion, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and leadership in the dental air technology sector.