Cattani's Clark Family

Australian expertise and innovation an essential part of the Cattani story

As in Italy, Cattani down under is very much a family affair.

Bill Clark, who founded Cattani Australia in 1987 with his father, Bill Snr, started working in the dental industry more than 50 years ago. The pair are pictured above in their original workshop in 1966 and (below) at a dental trade show in 1989. Bill remains a Director, and now focuses his time on ISO Committee Membership and Product Compliance for the business. Pam Clark has also made a major contribution to the wider dental community. In 2017 she was admitted as an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to the dental industry.

The next generation of the Clark family, Allison, has held leadership positions at Cattani for more than a decade and, as a Director, plays an important strategic role throughout the Cattani group.

Today, the Clarks’ Cattani group of companies is spread across the Asia Pacific region, and includes Cattani Australasia, Cattani Asia, and industrial air technology company ESAM.

In March, 2019, the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Cattani Australasia Group of companies was created, with General Manager Greg Fox stepping into the role. Greg has a long and impressive background in the dental industry. He began as a Dental Technician before quickly finding his aptitude for business, completing his Masters in Business Administration and holding senior leadership positions across the sector before joining Cattani in 2017.

Cattani Australasia leads the way in modular installation of parallel units for multiple users, and every item of equipment that leaves the Cattani Australasia warehouse is checked and, if necessary, modified and tested to ensure it meets all regulatory and industrial standards. Moreover, Cattani’s flagship suction equipment includes key features designed by our Australian technicians.

Cattani’s clear focus extends into expertise in the field, where our vastly experienced specialist technicians are the industry leaders, giving us a competitive advantage in service and customisation. With this expertise we ensure our products deliver optimum performance in any facility, whether it is a single-chair practice or a major chair hospital or university installation.

We also run comprehensive training programmes to ensure that this technical expertise and level of service extends to our outstanding network of distributors, which benefits end users directly through the Cattani After Care scheduled service programme.

Our Core

We act with unquestionable integrity
We embrace responsibility
We are results focused
We operate with transparency