Firm foundations

Since its establishment in 1967, Cattani has placed primary importance on imagination and research in design, and an insistence on the quality of its aspiration and compressed air distribution systems. On these foundations, Cattani has built a reputation for innovation and excellence. This has been enhanced by a focus on environmentally-friendly use of raw materials and efforts to reduce energy consumption, which has been embraced by the marketplace, with Cattani products sold globally.



How we lead

Constant research: this enables us to apply the latest technology to all of our products and solutions.
We enhance performance: electronic and information technology enables us to enhance the performance and reliability of our products.
We reduce costs: less maintenance and lower energy costs mean that we are always the most economical on a cost-benefit analysis.
We reduce environmental impact: we save 50% on raw materials, and allow you to save between 30% and 50% on electrical consumption.


Inverter technology - Cattani did it

Cattani innovation through research and development is best illustrated by its industry-leading work with inverter technology, implementing ideas that were years ahead of their time. Traditional dental suction motors have a fixed speed that makes them notoriously inefficient. Mr Ennio Cattani, head of the Cattani company in Italy, son of founder Dr Augusto Cattani and a hands-on engineer himself, pioneered the use of inverter technology in dental suction equipment, solving this waste energy problem to the added benefit of the dentist’s bottom line.


Australian innovation

Cattani cleverness is not just an Italian thing: Cattani Australia has been making its own mark since it was established in 1987. Co-founder Bill Clark’s dedicated service to the dental industry has been defined by a commitment to innovation and specialisation. His insistence on constant improvement means that product refinements in the Italian factory have often come from ideas formed in Australia. This has included improvements to the inverter control, the development of modular installations for large dental operations, enhanced pre-delivery services, and now the After Care scheduled equipment service programme.


Out of this world

Cattani capability and innovation was acknowledged in a special and memorable way when Ferrari Engineering, as supplier to the European Space Agency, commissioned Cattani and its sister company ESAM to supply the air technology for the NASA space shuttle. Our Italian engineers designed and built a tiny 180gm compressor able to maintain a pressure of 38 bar for the purpose. We were over the moon with its performance. Cattani and ESAM also contributed to the Eurostar project – the pride of the Italian railway system, producing the train’s pressurisation system.