Suction Maintenance – The Truth is in The Filter

Suction Maintenance – The Truth is in The Filter

At our recent ADX exhibition, the dialogue with dental professionals revealed a heightened focus on the value of premium dental air equipment, particularly around the topic of suction maintenance. It's encouraging to see a growing understanding among dental professionals of its significance and their eagerness to enquire more about best practices. This article delves into some of the key points raised in those discussions regarding suction maintenance.


Daily and Weekly Suction Maintenance: A Foundation for Suction System Hygiene

Consistent daily and weekly maintenance routines are crucial for preventing bacterial buildup, blockages, and odours in the suction system. These routines not only contribute to the hygiene and functionality of the equipment but also to the longevity and efficacy of the system, directly impacting the quality of dental care provided.

Proper cleaning, disinfecting, and system maintenance are vital. Neglecting these steps may affect the system's warranty and, more importantly, the quality of care. Cattani’s Magnolia products offer compatibility and comprehensive care for suction systems, reinforcing our commitment to quality maintenance.


Key Points: Unveiling the Truth

You should only need to check your suction inlet filter weekly to effectively assess the efficacy of your disinfection process and remove any solids that may have been collected. Should you find the inlet filter filled with excessive deposits, sludge, and indications of bacterial growth, it likely indicates a shortfall in the cleaning and disinfecting protocol. In such instances, the following considerations are recommended:


  • Product Switch: Transitioning to a new disinfectant like PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 should gradually clear existing deposits, showcasing its efficacy in biofilm breakdown. During this phase of approximately one month you should see more deposits coming through as PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 breaks down the existing deposits within the suction lines and starts to clear them.


  • Dilution Importance: Adhering to the correct dilution instructions for PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of the disinfecting process. Too little disinfectant, or too much can make a difference. Always follow the instructions for use. For dilution instructions, click here.


  • Using the Correct Product: A continuously dirty filter might indicate the ineffectiveness of the current product being used, for example, you might only be using a cleaner and NOT a disinfectant. It’s essential to choose a solution designed for dental suction systems, ensuring optimal cleaning and disinfection. To learn more about choosing the correct disinfecting product, click here.


For an in-depth guide on maintaining your suction system effectively, visit our Suction Maintenance page.


A simple weekly inspection of the inlet filter in your Cattani SMART Suction system can provide significant insights into the system's hygiene and efficiency. Should issues persist, reevaluating your maintenance practices and disinfectant choice is key to ensuring the long-term reliability and performance of your dental suction system.


A Closing Thought:

“If you’re pondering it, chances are, someone else is too.” This reminder encourages open inquiries and shared knowledge within our dental community. Each question propels us towards better maintenance practices, ultimately elevating the standards of dental care we provide.


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