Make your surgery safe

Puli-Jet Gentle leads Magnolia's range of outstanding cleaning and disinfecting products

Puli-Jet Gentle leaves a residual layer of protection that provides ongoing disinfection where you cannot see it. The use of inferior products, products with harsher formulas, and irregular cleaning cycles can allow bacterial layers to build up. This can impede suction, compromise performance and ultimately damage machines and systems. Failure to properly clean, disinfect or maintain systems as per the manufacturer’s recommendations may also affect the warranty.

When to clean
We recommend cleaning suction systems at the end of the working day, using Puli-Jet Gentle aspirated with the Pulse Cleaner. Puli-Jet Gentle dissolves blood and mucus and removes scaling from the walls of the aspirator and tubes to prevent bacterial build-up.

After disinfecting the system with Puli-Jet Gentle and washing the dental unit primary filter at the chair, we recommend placing an Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablet inside the filter. As well as reducing foam caused by blood and mucus, the tablet continuously releases a disinfectant throughout the day, further preventing bacterial build-up. And as for surface cleaning in the surgery, Eco-Jet 1, in a handy spray bottle, is ideal for the purpose.

Watch our Maintenance videos for full cleaning instructions.

Puli-Jet Gentle
Excellent commercial grade disinfectant for semi-wet, wet and dry suction systems. Leaves a residual layer of protection that provides ongoing disinfection where you cannot see it. Available in 1-litre bottles = 33 doses.

Pulse Cleaner
For use with Puli-Jet Gentle. Automatically aspirates air and fluids to create turbulence for effective disinfection.

Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets
Tablets reduce foam created by blood and mucus, as well as release a disinfectant throughout the working day. Pack contains 50 tablets; one tablet required per surgery per day.

Puli-Jet Gentle

Silicone lubricant with drop dispenser for lubricating O-rings. 4 x 30ml bottles per pack.
Suction tips
Available in high- and low-volume sizes to evacuate fluids and airborne particles. Autoclavable to 135°C. Each pack contains 3 tips.