More compact, lower running costs, fewer raw materials

Cattani’s engineers have been able to cut top-end audible noise by half* with the Cube’s acoustic housing. The Cube project also allowed Cattani to redesign the motor to make it as compact as possible, leading to much greater efficiency – which translates into lower running costs – and the use of fewer raw materials. And with inverter technology part of the package, energy savings are a given.

Regular SMART systems - with added benefits

SMART Cubes offer all the advantages of our Micro SMART and Turbo SMART systems, as well as these added benefits:
- Acoustic housing cuts noise by 50% – for peace and quiet, and peace of mind
- A more compact, environmentally friendly design
- Compact design means significantly lower running costs

*Half as loud

This is a conservative approximation based on a reduction in decibel level between the standard suction unit and the Cube of about 10 decibels, roughly in the 70 down to 60 range. In that range, a reduction of 10 decibels halves perceived loudness.