Annual stocktake – over for another year

Annual stocktake - over for another year

When the counting gets tough, the tough get counting – that’s what stocktaking season is all about. So how does it roll at Cattani?

Annual stocktaking is a challenging job but it’s a challenge that brings people together. So it’s been a pleasure seeing the teamwork and camaraderie on display this month as the Cattani counters totted up hundreds of thousands of items, from tiny o-rings to hulking pieces of machinery.

And what did we learn? That you can count on Cattani because we’ve got the numbers.
We have a lot of stock right now, which is good for customers with our August promotion coming up.

Business Manager – Operations Joe Serratore and the stocktaking team combined for something like 150 hours on this massive project, in great spirit and with no sign of a cross word. “It was arduous at times but the outcome made it well worthwhile,” said Joe, “so a huge thank you to everyone involved.”

That includes Abdul and Andrew in the warehouse, otherwise known as the counting house, and the tech team of Hugo and Silvano who, as well as assisting, found some old items we thought were long gone.

Operations team members Stella and Ishanie did lots of extra hours keying in the numbers, and Procurement Manager Melanie had her hands in everything. Last but not least, Finance Officer Daniela did the early morning café runs, supplying much appreciated coffee at the crack of dawn.