Build your business with Blueprints

Build your business with Blueprints

Cattani’s Blueprints programme is now in full swing. This is your must-have hands-on training experience in plant room equipment.

Blueprints provides technicians with clear guidelines when working with our equipment, setting benchmark standards for installation and technical support. It’s a course with some theory but also one where you get stuck in, installing a selection of Cattani products – all in our upgraded training workshop.

We will run several courses a year but places are limited. 

 The Blueprints programme covers:

- Technical overview, specifications and features of Cattani equipment and accessories

- Site planning and installation of the full Cattani equipment range, including piping

- Set-up and operation of our WiFi support programs SMART Log and SMART App

- Product faults and troubleshooting

By setting clear guidelines when working with Cattani equipment, and setting benchmark standards for installation and technical support, your expertise when on a Cattani job is assured after a Blueprints course.

The course also includes a short introduction to our new product registration procedure, which sets end users up with the SMART App suction management app. See the “Register Your Product” button at the top of the page for details.


We have four courses scheduled so far in 2020 – February, March, May and June – and we can have just eight participants at each course, which runs for one-and-a-half days. So if you are keen to take part, secure a spot by contacting your Business Development Managers: Jason Borg – or Manu Sinha – , or contact our Marketing Coordinator Shaun Kirkham –


Once you’ve completed the Blueprints course, the next stage is After Care – our scheduled equipment maintenance course – if you haven’t done it already. Talk to Manu or Jason about enrolling in this programme – it’s great value and, as with Blueprints, comes with great Cattani hospitality.

The big take-home message from this is that we strongly believe structured training in Cattani equipment is essential, and nothing beats hearing it first-hand, from the manufacturer representative. Every technician should have proper training in our products – no exceptions.