Cattani Australasia: Embarking on a New Chapter of Growth

Cattani Australasia: Embarking on a New Chapter of Growth

Where Our Journey Began: A glimpse into the past with a photo of the first Cattani Australasia office at 280 Dundas Street, marking the starting point of our enduring legacy.

Since its establishment in 1987 at 280 Dundas Street, Thornbury, Cattani Australasia has stood at the forefront of dental air technology innovation. Established with a commitment to delivering unmatched quality and reliability, our evolution from a modest beginning in a single office to extensive expansions is a testament to our dedication to growth and advancement. With the support of our dealer network, we extend our commitment to the broader dental community, aiming to foster lasting partnerships and contribute significantly to advancing dental care practices.


This article marks the first in a series that will document our recent expansion to 1 Sheppard Street, showcasing not only our organisational growth but also our commitment to enhancing our network and honouring our heritage.


Our story is one of relentless pursuit of perfection, tracing back to Parma, Italy, where Prof. Augusto Cattani laid the foundations of a global legacy in dental air technology. The same spirit of craftsmanship and innovation that drives the region's world-renowned brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini propels us forward. This legacy was embraced by the Clark family in Melbourne, who have been instrumental in nurturing and expanding Cattani's reach across the Australasian region and beyond.


The expansion into 1 Sheppard Street is more than just physical growth; it signifies our ambition to further our reach and impact in the dental industry. Under the leadership of Greg Fox, CEO Cattani Australasia, and overseen by Joe Serratore, Operations Manager, this move is reflective of our global expansion ethos, mirrored in our ventures into Cattani Asia and India, reinforcing our strength not only locally but also on the international stage.

Our new Cattani Australasia warehouse facility at 1 Sheppard Street.

Joe Serratore, Operations Manager, and Andrew Bastiampillai, Warehouse Support, discussing plans for the new warehousing and in-house training facilities.

This series aims to take you behind the scenes of our expansion, showing how each step we take is grounded in our history, driven by innovation, and aimed at providing the best for our customers and the dental community at large. Stay tuned as we unfold this new chapter of growth and excellence at Cattani Australasia.