Empowering Excellence: Cattani’s Continuous Commitment to Advanced Distributor Training

Empowering Excellence: Cattani's Continuous Commitment to Advanced Distributor Training

DenEast Sdn Bhd, our valued dealer arrives from East Malaysia for in-depth technical training at Cattani Australasia Head Office.


Following the success of our previous global customer training events, Cattani is proud to announce another triumph in our ongoing educational initiative. This time, we welcomed DenEast Sdn Bhd, our valued dealer from East Malaysia, to our Melbourne headquarters for in-depth technical training. This initiative was led by Lee Fook Sung, Technical Support Specialist of the Cattani Asia Division, and conducted by our Group Technical Manager, Mark Humphries, marking another milestone in our continuous effort to enhance customer experiences.

DenEast Sdn Bhd’s participation in this training, facilitated by Cattani’s dedicated team, is a testament to our broader strategy to fostering strong relationships with our distributors. This hands-on training provided a perfect blend of practical demonstrations and insightful discussions, reinforcing the collaborative learning environment Cattani is renowned for.

Lee Fook Sung, Technical Support Specialist of the Cattani Asia Division, oversees technical training on the Cattani Turbo SMART series.


The training is part of Cattani's broader strategy to empower our partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in delivering our dental air technology solutions. Our approach is not just about providing equipment but ensuring our partners are well-equipped to offer unparalleled advice on selection, installation and after sales service and support.

Our innovative training initiatives, such as the Blueprints Training Program Online, continue to play a significant role in this educational process. This peer-reviewed, multilingual platform offers an extensive overview of our products and installation processes, ensuring our partners are well-prepared to provide world class service.

The success of our training session with DenEast Sdn Bhd is a testament to our ongoing commitment to nurturing knowledgeable and skilled partners. By consistently investing in the education and development of our distributors, we ensure that the end-users of our products receive the best possible care, reflecting Cattani's core values of reliability and excellence.

For further information about our training programs and partnerships, contact us at +613 9484 1120.

Left to right: Mark Humphries - Cattani Australasia, Mr. Alan Liong – Director, DenEast Sdn Bhd, and Mr. Greg Fox – CEO, Cattani Australasia Group.