Cattani’s Six-Stage Dental Air Purification System

Cattani’s Six-Stage Dental Air Purification System

HEPA H14 Filtration Now Standard on AC Compressors

The multilayer antibacterial filtration system to deliver continuous and pure compressed air

Regardless of the number of layers in a filtration system, there is but one satisfactory outcome – reliable quality hygienic compressed air. After all, Cattani users are driven by results, not product features. This is precisely what we pride ourselves in after more than 50 years of specialising in premium air technology. Our antibacterial HEPA H14 filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), comes standard with all dental compressors and helps deliver quality results by removing 99.975% of solid and biological particles down to 0.3 micron.


Innovative technology is more than a collection of features. It’s how it all works together.

  • 7-year warranty on all dental compressors.
  • HEPA H14 filter in accordance with EN and ISO standards.
  • Removing 99.975% of particles down to 0.3 micron.
  • Dual-coated compressor tank lining with a food-grade resin and Biocote® silver ion for antimicrobial protection.
  • Consistent supply of dry compressed air with no interruptions.



1. It Starts with the Compressor Head Filter

The primary filter ensures the long-term reliability of the head unit and pistons. This component alone removes dust and particles down to 20 microns. The good news is, we’re just getting started.


2. Pioneering Cyclone Technology

As one of the pioneers in cyclone technology within dental systems, Cattani uses a highly engineered design to remove condensation and water from the air. This initiates the two-stage process of producing dry air.


3. Added Filtration for Superior Quality

For enhanced fine particle separation, a secondary filter disc is added to remove additional fine particles as the air exits the cyclone.


4. Desiccant Drying for Optimal Dew Point

The desiccant drying column uses an energy-efficient passive process to absorb any remaining moisture present in the air. This final drying process ensures a humidity class 4 in line with ISO 8753-1 as stated in ISO 22052.


5. Sintered Bronze Filter for Zero Maintenance

The sintered bronze filter element acts as a prelude to the HEPA H14 filter, prolonging the life of the component. More good news - the sintered bronze filter never needs replacing or cleaning.


6. 99.975% Efficiency Delivered to Dual-Coated Compressor Tank

The HEPA H14 filter only needs to be replaced once every 12 months, to ensure optimal effectiveness. We are so confident in our quality air delivery that we offer a market-leading 7-year warranty with full parts and labour, on all our compressors.

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At Cattani, we are about first-class equipment, for first-class dental professionals.