Playing with the big boys

Blok-Jet 1000 LINK – Playing with the big boys

We said in a recent Cattani newsletter that we would bring you more detail about the new Blok-Jet 1000 LINK. When Cattani Australasia and West Coast Dental installed a Blok-Jet 1000 LINK variable speed system at OHCWA (the Oral Health Centre of WA) at the end of 2019, it was the first time the system had been installed anywhere in the world.

So, what makes it special? The standout feature is its potential: this large system has an ingenious new modularity that makes it very easy to size new installations. The bigger the clinic, the more modules. If the clinic expands in the future, just add more modules!

The OHCWA installation was made up of three 20KW modules: 3PH master/slave variable speed Uni-Jet 1000 suction motor modules with HEPA filters, able to provide suction to some 150 chairs. The combined total airflow is 48,000 l/min. The system includes four Turbo SMART drain pumps and two x 2.2 metre A57 air/fluid separator tanks.

We also had two Maxi SMART installations in New South Wales and Victoria.

The NSW project, managed by Hoslab for Charles Sturt University in Orange, involved three Maxi SMARTs with ISO 60 Hydrocyclone amalgam retention and HEPA filtration for 24 chairs. This combination was made up of three x 5.5kw (3PH) master/slave variable speed Medio-Jet 2V suction motors, and three x 5.5kw (3PH) centrifugal air/fluid separators with a combined airflow of 15,000 l/min.

The Victoria installation, managed by Borg Dental for a private orthodontic practice in Bundoora, involved two Maxi SMARTs for 27 chairs. This combination, which did not include ISO Hydrocyclone or acoustic covers, was made of two x 5.5kw master/slave variable speed Medio-Jet 2V suction motors, and two x 5.5kw centrifugal air/fluid separators, with a combined airflow of 10,000 l/min.

Both of these installations marked a first by being set up in master and slave mode, which is designed to save power consumption at large sites like these.