The Winds of Change – A Sustainability Journey

The Winds of Change - A Sustainability Journey

At Cattani Australia, we have consistently prioritised sustainability as a cornerstone of our operations. Our commitment to achieving carbon-neutral status reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility. We invite you to learn more about our sustainability journey.

With the aim of achieving Net Zero emissions, we are proud to join forces with Trace, a leading sustainability platform. Together, we will measure, manage, and offset our carbon footprint, paving the way for a greener future.


Our Climate Action Efforts



Proudly holding the certification of Carbon Neutral - Organisation, we've covered various operational aspects like energy, freight, suppliers, travel, and waste.


Carbon Profiles

Over the past year, our meticulous measurement revealed 1173.3 tCo2 emissions, giving us insights into our environmental impact.


Compensation of Emissions

Demonstrating our commitment, we've achieved 100% offset of our emissions, equivalent to planting 6692 extra trees.


Decarbonisation Plan

Engaged in a comprehensive plan including sustainable supplier policies, travel practices, and more, we're reducing our carbon footprint.


Project Funding

In addition to our overarching commitment to sustainability, we are excited to announce our support for four impactful projects:


  • Cool Fire Traditional Land Management, Australia
  • Coorong Lakes Biodiversity Conservation, Australia
  • Efficient Cookstoves, Nepal
  • Katingan Peatlands Conservation, Indonesia


Each project represents a crucial step towards environmental conservation and community empowerment, aligning with our values and vision for a better world.


Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on specific initiatives that drive positive change in areas such as environmental protection, healthcare, and social justice.


As part of our sustainability efforts, we continue to implement innovative solutions such as the Hydrocyclone amalgam retention system, PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 dental suction disinfectant, and recyclable components in our products - contributing to a circular economy and reduced environmental impact.


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