Highlighting Our Commitment: Cattani’s Continuous Growth and Service Excellence

Highlighting Our Commitment: Cattani's Continuous Growth and Service Excellence

Cattani Australasia's ambitious warehouse expansion at 1 Sheppard Street is a tangible manifestation of our broader strategic vision. As we enhance our local capabilities, we simultaneously celebrate our strong presence across the vibrant Asia-Pacific region. Since 2017, Cattani Asia has cultivated partnerships in 12 key countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Vietnam. This network underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional dental air technology solutions and services.


Our expansion isn't just about extending our geographical footprint; it's deeply rooted in our ethos of enhancing customer experiences. Central to this mission is our steady focus on education. The robust training programs conducted at our Melbourne headquarters serve as a cornerstone for empowering our distribution partners. Through these comprehensive sessions, we equip our allies with the profound technical knowledge necessary for excellence.

Lee Fook Sung, Technical Specialist Asia, during training session for our Asia partner dealer from Malaysia.

The significance of our new warehouse in this global tapestry cannot be overstated. Much like our ventures in New Zealand and Malaysia, this expansion is meticulously planned to bolster our logistical prowess, ensuring we continue to meet our clients' needs with agility and precision.


The connection between our local expansion and our Asian growth trajectory illustrates our holistic approach to serving the dental community. With every step we take, whether establishing new facilities or forging international partnerships, our goal remains the same: to elevate the standards of dental care worldwide.

Mark Humphries, Group Technical Manager, at the FDI World Dental Congress.

As we proceed with our expansion, we're not just increasing warehousing facilities; we're crafting the future of dental air technology. A future where quality, innovation, and education converge to create unmatched value for our customers, partners, and the communities we serve. This journey, propelled by our Italian heritage of craftsmanship and reliability, is a testament to Cattani's enduring legacy and our vision for a globally interconnected future.

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