Performance-Driven Clarity: Personalised Suction Like Nothing Else

Performance-Driven Clarity: Personalised Suction Like Nothing Else

(This article was originally published in Bite Magazine.)


When it comes to executing successful dental surgeries, a myriad of factors come into play. Positioning of both the patient and operator, ergonomics, and illumination are some primary considerations that contribute to the effective delivery of dental care. While these factors are undeniably crucial, another aspect we choose to spotlight for its significant importance is operative field visibility.


The Importance of Visibility

Visibility is not merely about what you can see but encompasses the clarity, sharpness, and unobstructed view of the oral cavity. This is especially critical in the domain of four-handed dentistry, where an awareness of the zones of activity is important, as well as positioning to facilitate access to the operative field. This ensures the best visibility to execute high finesse precision and concentration to allow for:

  • Operative efficiency
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Patient safety


Turbo SMART HP: A Clear Vision

As per current international standards (ISO 10637), dental suction systems must deliver a minimum airflow of 250 L/min and keep vacuum pressure under 400 mBar. Turbo SMART HP confidently meets these standards while maintaining a balanced performance. Offering a generous airflow of up to 1916 L/min (300 L/min directly at the chair) and a peak suction pressure of 338 mBar, comfortably below the 400 mBar limit. Turbo SMART HP helps to ensure optimal operative field visibility through a higher suction pressure whilst maintaining effective aerosol management.


The Power Is in Your Hands

Consistent suction also cannot be overlooked, particularly in surgical applications where reliability is non-negotiable. The last thing a dental team wants is to experience 'dropouts' in suction, especially when managing multiple surgeries simultaneously.

From dental hygiene to oral surgery, the Turbo SMART HP is the next generation of first-class dental suction to deliver constant peak performance, fully customisable to suit your dental clinic and individual requirements.


Details that matter:

  1. Evacuation Efficiency: High performance 338 mBar vacuum pressure for faster fluid and debris removal that can aid in optimising clinical workflow.
  2. Visibility: Suction power helps enhance procedural visibility.
  3. Aerosol Control: Purpose-built solution to manage intraoral dental aerosol, with a max airflow at 1916 L/min.
  4. Patient Comfort: Reliable suction reduces the accumulation of fluids in the oral cavity.
  5. Real-time Intelligence: Dual-inverter control senses the real-time suction requirements of your practice, automatically adjusting system performance and output.
  6. Personalised Precision: The ability to customise the suction power to the specific application, allowing for a tailored experience to meet your dental clinic's needs.
  7. Clinic Design Challenges: The go-to system to help overcome any existing suction pipework challenges.


Imagine Turbo SMART HP as your co-pilot in a journey towards unmatched precision and control. See your practice—and your future—in a new light. This is not just a game-changer; it's a gateway to an elevated level of dental excellence. Welcome to your future.



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