Six key steps in designing a successful dental clinic – Step 4 – NOISE

Six key steps in designing a successful dental clinic

Step 4 - NOISE

Using the six key principles of P.L.A.N.T and +S SERVICE will help you strive towards 100% reliability with your dental plant room equipment when designing a successful dental clinic.


Protect your assets by considering the following six key steps:

  2. L – LAYOUT
  3. A – AIRFLOW
  4. N – NOISE



All plant room equipment generates fluctuating noises which can impact dentists, staff, and patients, and even possibly breach council and body corporate regulations. Therefore, it is imperative to think about noise levels early on when designing the plant room for a dental clinic.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the balance between noise suppression and temperature control. Too much or too less of either could cause long term ramifications in terms of 100% reliability.


Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Australia regulations

Workplace Health and Safety regulation states the exposure for noise involves two measures:


    • For noise over an eight-hour shift

Workers must not be exposed above 85 decibels (as an average) over eight hours at work.

    • For “peak” or one-off noises.

Workers must not be exposed to a noise level above 140 decibels. Any exposure above this level could instantly damage hearing.

These WHS measures are designed to protect most but not all people. The risks from workplace noise must be eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable. This led Cattani engineers to develop an innovative solution that not only reduces noise but could help save space.


Cattani solutions: Sound reduction capabilities

The Blok-Jet Silent solution is to install the compressor and suction units inside a sound-absorbing cabinet. Serving up to four chairs and is ultra-quiet, it is the ideal solution when noise mitigation is a priority, and space is at a premium.



Blok-jet Silent 2

 55 dB(A)

(With AC300 & Turbo SMART B)

Sound Reduction

18.5 dB(A) – Compressor

14 dB(A) – Suction




Note: Sound technically doubles with every 3 dB(A) increase, however, the human ear will only perceive a doubling of sound when it increases by 10 dB(A).


At Cattani, we offer a range of sound reduction options for different solutions. From acoustic hoods (Q series compressors) to fully enclosed acoustic and temperature-controlled cabinets, through to SMART Cube suction series with acoustic housing.


These are only a few components of the N - NOISE principles and dental practitioners are not expected to memorise the entire Cattani P.L.A.N.T Principles™. That is why our knowledgeable Cattani distributor network has undertaken comprehensive training to help you strive towards 100% reliability. It is this commitment from our local partners that have helped us deliver the finest dental air technology to you for more than 35 years in Australia.


At Cattani, our performance cuts through the noise.




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